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My Very First Beetle

Shay Dickinson

Since I was a teenager, riding around in my friend’s 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, I have dreamed of owning my own. But life – as we know – never goes the way we would like. So every time I found a Volkswagen I really liked, it was either too much or just too far gone for me to repair.

Well at the beginning of February, I saw a blue Beetle on the interweb for $3k. So I checked it out and it was running really well, started first try and did not seem to have too much mechanically wrong with it. The downside was that it needs some interior work and minor repairs, due to sitting for so long. The battery was dead and there was no spare.

The good news is, it has been running great ever since I purchased it. I even talked the owner down to $2k, explaining that it needed a good bit of work. I will be ordering some nice aftermarket parts for it to make it my own, tinting the windows and maybe adding some unique touches of my own. So far it turns heads everywhere I go in my town. I’ve even had offers to buy it, but wouldn't think of selling it. I’ve wanted a Bug for 15 years now!