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Split Window Delight

Rick Bowers

Back in the late 1980s, I was driving down a road in my home town on a beautiful sunny day when I found an old VW sitting in some trees beside a body shop. Well, the car got the best of me, as I had to find out about this sweet jewel in the rough. To my surprise, it was a split window Volkswagen and it had some issues.

I walked over to the body shop and was told it was not for sale. They planned to make a drag car out of it. Disappointed, I left my phone number and name in hopes that one day they would change their minds.

Time did pass and I often drove down that road to see this VW still sitting there. Years went by and then one day I got a call. I was asked if I was still interested in this car. I was shocked they kept my phone number all these years!

YES! I said I would be over to purchase it right away. The Beetle had a tree growing out of it, but with a chain saw and a few friends, I picked it up and set it on a trailer. 3000 hours later, here is my 1952 “brand new” all matching numbers Hoffman import. This original color Pastel Green; 25hp crash box car had only 48,000 miles on it when I got it. I did the work myself and I hope you enjoy the finished product. Without the expertise and great parts of Mid America Motorworks, I would have never been able to restore this car. By far their sheet metal and panels are the best! Thanks Mid America Motorworks for being part of my story! Enjoy. Rick in Marietta, GA

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