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It's a Coltswagon!!

Mike Bracht

I wanted to create something that wasn’t just a Volkswagen – but a Coltswagon! A buddy of mine who works driving a delivery truck in northern Indiana found this jewel, but at the time the owner wanted to much!

It was exactly what I was looking for, but I didn’t want to put what he was asking at the time into the project. Fast forward 2 years. The same buddy calls me and says that same Bus is now in another location (different city) and still for sale. Long story short, I call the guy back and ask what gives? He tells me he’s going back into the US military  and just needs to unload it. I bought for a fraction of what he originally wanted.

It started out copper and blue – don’t ask! I had it repainted white, did all the graphics work (even a large horse shoe and COLTS decal on top) and started from scratch on the interior. As you can tell from the finished product, it’s fully functional as a tail-gate vehicle! I take it to car shows and parades when it’s not NFL season. I get lots of comments and requests for pictures. Tailgater Note: the beer tap on the side is always ready with a cold keg! My friends, Jack, Jim and Jose are also always ready to party!

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