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First Car

Mark Alan

My first car was a 1962 type 1. It was a POS, but I worked and worked on it, and drove the wheels off of it. It was in a terrible 70-mph accident and no one was hurt. They do roll like a ball! I kept it and later put a 1963 cloth sunroof body on it. It was back, but then got stolen.

Years ago I had the foresight to put my dad and mom’s mint original 1966 in the garage at the family vacation home under cover and just left it. My dad bought it brand new as a birthday present for my mom in 1966. I was brought home from the hospital when I was born in this car. Recently I pulled it out and serviced it so it could stretch its legs and go meet new friends at a few car events. It has 86k original miles on it and is now running like new again. I have a little 1953 Porsche coupe, but the little Beetle is still my favorite. The picture shows the Beetle with a new friend it made at a recent event.

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