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Cool "Air" Custom 1970 Volkswagen Beetle

Len Benner

I have had many Volkswagen’s in my lifetime. I loved them all. There was the 1965 VW Beetle and then later the 1967 VW Beetle, of course they both had to have little personal touches. Then, there was my wife’s 1963 red Patina Beetle. She had that when I first met her. Of course I thought, how cool is this chick. Well we got married and raised 3 wonderful children. Now I am retired and transporting my grand children around in my latest restoration project, a 1970 VW custom Beetle. It was manufactured in Mexico. I was able to find an original 1940 hood option available from the dealer in 1970. There were not many originals around. Then I made a pair of custom fender skirts for it. I thought it needed a continental spare to complete the look. It wins many awards now and it is fun. It has all stock mechanical equipment. Why mess with a good thing? Especially 50 mpg.

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