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VWs...I have had a few....

Ed Clark

I was 12 years old when I bought my first VW. I saw it every day when I rode the bus to school, a red '66 Beetle with a sunroof. One day I got off the bus at an earlier stop so I could leave a note, inquiring the selling price. The owner called me up and said it was in a flood, did not start, and the key was broken off in the ignition, but I could buy it for $50. None of that mattered to me. I was sold. My dad had a 71 Super Beetle so now I was just like my pop.

In my life I have owned the '66 Beetle, a '74 Beetle, a '71 Type 3 Squareback, a '77 Convertible Beetle (which I did a pan off restoration), a '58 Beetle with Semaphores, and a 2009 EOS. I still drive the '58 and the '09 EOS. I am a member of the Southern Indiana Volks Force.

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