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My VW Porche 959

Douglas Williams

The 959 Porsche cost about $350,000 when new, and was illegal in US. This is a replica built in about 1990 by 2 people who knew nothing about cars.

This 959 Porsche replica went through 5 owners and was never registered. I was presented with the opportunity to buy it, but it was in poor condition - full of ants and covered with a tarp. I decided to take her on. As I worked on it, I found it had a Ford Pinto carb, bored . racing heads and chrome tins. quad exhaust. 

I love this very sharp car and cant stop anywhere without it being identified as the 959. Great car with no heat and no top... So What!

At 4 1/2 " off ground, I live in fear of speed bumps, the low center of gravity with the Eagle GT tires makes it a ground hugger. Fiber Fab, who did the body, was sued and had to stop making the style. I've heard only six were ever made?

A real looker and I can even take her out in the snow. . Pure fun.. on a 1973 Beatle 1600. Fagazi is "fake in Italian"

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