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Life Long Vdub Fanatic

Charles Powell

My story begins in 1969, when I bought the first (of what would turn out to be) many bugs.

My very first car was a 1965 Type 1 Sedan. of course I was not content with its look so I had to start modifying the lil' sweetheart. Its original color was a dark green so that was the first to go. Since I was also a huge Mopar fan I had to have it painted Lime Green and highlighted in Flat Black. Painted the hubs red and flipped the wheels around, no hub caps. I hand built a front spoiler and mounts for it and installed it. Couldn't find the breather I wanted but the oil bath had to go. Wouldn't you know it? A tomato paste can was the exact size I needed, so on it went with a cloth filter (one backfire and it would have made a nice fire huh?) on top. This was the start of my madness.

I've owned stock, modified and heavy race Vdub's and the madness continues. I have six in the yard right now, '66 Sedan, two '71 Super Beetles, two '73 Squareback's one manual and one automatic and a '74 Super Beetle. I have owned well over 100 Vdub's in my life. Sedan's, Buses, Squareback's, Notchback's, Baja's and Ghia's. I've never owned a Type IV (don't like them) or a Thing (not because I haven't wanted one).

My passion will end when they lay me down in the cold hard ground. I started a second generation with my son and now a third generation with my nephew. I just hope that there will always continue to be presence of the lil' critters in my family. As for now it looks like there will be a presence. I still continue to be on the lookout for the "one" I really want. I still continue to buy and sell. I still have a warehouse full of parts, old and new.

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