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2nd Time Around

Bryan Roberts

My name is Bryan Roberts and I live in Aiken South Carolina. I have a 1974 Super Beetle with a pretty cool story behind it.

In the early 1980s, my dad helped his buddy bring this car back to life after being wrecked. They were major VW junkies! My dad had a 1965 convertible and his buddy always had 3 or 4 VWs and was always fixing them for other people. My Beetle was finished in the early 1980s and was painted with stripes similar to the ones in the introduction of the TV show, Miami Vice. The Beetle was sold to another person in the late 1980s, who removed the engine and transaxle. This is where I come into the story.

I've had several project cars, but always wanted a VW, since my dad loved them in his youth. I had seen pictures of this car and always thought it was neat but never really thought too hard about it much. Then I ran into my dad's buddy's father, and guess what: the Super Beetle had been at his house since somewhere around 1992, just sinking in the dirt. Here comes the next surprise: he said, “Come get it and is yours, title and all.

So far I haven't gotten much done other than finding a good dual port engine, IRS transaxle and cleaning all the crud off. I'm really excited about this journey and hope to keep y'all updated!

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