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Our $2,000 1972 Super Beetle

Al Aitken

At my first duty station as a Marine 2nd Lt. in Kaneohe Bay, HI in 1972, my wife and I bought a brand new Super Beetle in Saturn Yellow right off the dealer’s showroom floor. We paid $2,000 for it. Included is a photo of us and our Spaniel, Freckles, in our Super Bug at our home in Kailua, HI. Four years later we sold the Super Beetle to friends of my wife’s family because with now two children, we needed a larger car.

Our friends paid us $2,000 for it…and we asked them, if they ever wanted to sell it, please give us a call, as we might want to buy it back. Well…30 years later…they called us. We flew out to Arizona and bought it back. Guess how much we paid them for it…yep…$2,000. We drove it back to our home now in Virginia and discovered its suspension needed a lot of work. I put it in my hangar and began taking it apart in 2006. I’m now in the process of a lengthy ground up restoration, but hope to have it completed within the next 2-3 years. I rely on Mid America Motorworks for most of my new parts and will soon buy a rebuilt transmission and a turnkey engine from them. Our '72 Super Bug will be like new again soon.

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